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Applicants can now get an appointment slot for passport services either at the Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles OR at the newly-opened PHL ePassport Renewal Center in Los Angeles (LA PaRC), please see details below:

Apply the Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles

Apply at the Philippine ePassport Renewal Center (LA PaRC) operated by VFS Global

  1. for ANY category of passport applicant; and
  2. application to be done at the Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles premises.
  1. for Filipino and Dual Citizens (NOT A U.S. CITIZEN) already in possession of Philippine ePassport;
  2. any other category of applicant should apply at the Consulate General (see left column); 
  3. application to be done at the Philippine ePassport Renewal Center in Los Angeles (LA PaRC) facility; and
  4. LA PaRC charges a convenience fee of US$45.00 over and above the passport renewal fee (US$65.00) and other ancillary services offered by LA PaRC.
click on the link below

click on the link below


As part of the ongoing effort by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles to better serve overseas Filipinos, we have partnered with VFS Global and opened the Philippine ePassport Renewal Center in Los Angeles or LA PaRC in October 2021.
LA PaRC is designed to assist Filipinos and dual citizen Filipinos renew their electronic passport (ePassport) in a convenient way. Situated in Beverly Hills, CA, LA PaRC is composed of very accommodating Tagalog- and English-speaking staff who will guide applicants throughout the entire application process. In addition, LA PaRC has a responsive Call Center team also with Tagalog- and English-speakers on-hand to address applicants’ questions and assist in scheduling appointments.
LA PaRC also offers additional optional services to make the application process easier and hassle-free for you. As a third-party service provider, VFS Global does charge an extra convenience fee for their services.
LA PaRC, operated by VFS Global, is a legitimate and reputable company endorsed by DFA and the Consulate General as an alternative to clients who have difficulty scheduling a passport application appointment at the Consulate General.
Walk in or book an appointment on their website:
For requirements and additional details, feel free to reach them at:
Call: Go to the website, click” Contact Us” and then “Click to Talk”

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The Consulate General informs the public that it will be closed on:

04 July 2024 (US Independence Day)

For those with Consulate Emergencies or Inquiries kindly contact us here:

Thank you for your patience and cooperation


From May 15, 2019, the Consulate cannot authenticate the signatures on the following public documents:(1) notarized documents and (2) documents signed/issued/certified by a Federal, State, County, City, University or School Official.

The change is due to the Philippines officially becoming a party to the Apostille Convention.

For more information, visit our Authentication webpage here.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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